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Woman. Pick up those strays. I’ll get them. Go get that meat! Sir? Cleet Warwick must be rolling around in his grave. I’ll bet this is the first time his place Games Games has been lit up like that since Manassas. Eat while it’s hot. The man who brought the cattle. Colonel, I promise you Games That man really knew his business. Moved that herd like it was a column of infantry. That’s prime beef, Johnny. And there’s enough down there to feed a lot of people Games Games who haven’t chewed on meat in a long, long time. Thirty-eight, thirty-nine, forty. Now with the $, advance paid to you in Mexico Games Games it makes it a total of $, and completes our original contract. Plus the Games Games additional $. Just sign here. Buying beef at three dollars a head. Two. And selling them for . Not bad. It’s outrageous. You go to some nice place to count your profits? I spend it, Steadman. I spend it and enjoy it. And when it’s all gone, raise it again. You make it sound simple. It is, if you don’t want it too bad. Money, whiskey and women. Your three deities. Tell me something, Mr. Kelly: Have they made you a happy man? No. But not as miserable a one as you. Mrs. Warwick. Dinner is served, gentlemen. How nice. You changed your mind. A lady’s privilege. Your privilege is our pleasure, ma’am. I got hungry. Driving thousands of half-wild animals across thousands of miles. For someone brought up in these parts, it seems impossible. I have such respect for special knowledge. It’s nothing. You certainly know how to charge for it. Do you object to making money, Miss Charity? In wartime? I think so. Making money out of war. It’s almost an act of nature. Do you have any idea what a major’s salary is? I wasn’t talking about that. What about a colone”s salary? And the prestige afterward? You’ll carry that rank into every courtroom for life. I didn’t go to war for that. No, but you’ll use it. Every man, in his own special way, takes care of number one. I don’t admire men like that, Mr. Kelly. Mrs. Warwick Games Games if there were a kind of profit driven right into your own back yard Games