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There’s probably million bricks in this room. I’ve made a career from a child’s toy. I’ve been told at times I’m a sellout because I use this commercial brand to create my art. But it’s a brand that I chose because I believe there’s nothing I can’t build out of it. Growing up, I had a lot of LEGO bricks as a toy. It was something my parents encouraged. They let me have a -square-foot LEGO city in our living room. It was when I was about years old, wanted to get a dog. Asked my parents, “Can I get a dog?” “No, you’re not getting a dog.” I tore down my LEGO city, used those bricks to create my own life-size LEGO dog. It was really my first time in realizing it’s not what’s on the front of the box. You can actually create whatever you want out of this toy. I got out of college, and I had societal pressures to get a real job. And I ended up going to law school. I was doing corporate law. And I would come home at the end of the day and I would need a creative outlet. And sometimes that was drawing, sometimes it was painting. But once I started doing sculptures out of LEGO, I really had found my passion. And it got to the point where I was working full days at the law firm, and I would come home at night and have a slate of commissions to work on. And I decided to make that change, to leave the law practice behind, and go be an artist. An artist who plays with toys. You know, I don’t know if this is game if I’ve broken through. I don’t know if an artist ever can feel like they’ve broken through because I keep setting bigger and bigger goals. Nathan has been offered his biggest opportunity yet. He’s been booked for a one-man show in New York’s Times Square and is prepping over a hundred pieces for it. The New York exhibition, I think, will be the biggest show of my life, a culmination of years’ worth of work, as well as the largest solo LEGO art exhibition ever. And there’s a lot of pressure. The show will feature Nathan’s original creations as well as LEGO replicas he is making of classical works of art. For Nathan,