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I’ve lost count of the skyladiko clubs we’ve been at. The longer you search for Stella, the more you drink. Don’t go until I’m back. I’ll bring cheese pies and cokes. [This Night Remains] A mosaic of images and visions Games deeply rooted inside me. Persons that experience love to the full, in all its beauty, fiercely, and on all sides without qualms. Bodies living in lust and arousal becoming ping-pong balls for every pimp’s sake. Girls wasting their years on the service of clients Games since that’s what the law of night commands. Women tolerating the client’s crap constantly looking at the enigmatic face of the sly club owner. Have I done my job well tonight? Will the bastard pay me? My boyfriend will be at the terminal. He has booked for us hotel rooms, everything Games The club is top-notch. They’re waiting for us anxiously. Let’s wait and see. Won’t we have any time for rehearsal? We’ll sing the songs we know. They want us to start right away, tonight. Why? What’s your worry? Not singing in tune? The house is full on weekends. And the owners want the singers to be there. Sounds reasonable to me. Stella? Listen here. I say we add some water to our wine. Otherwise, we should give up and go back to Athens. You say we must add some water to our wine, eh? That’s right. If she were in Xanthi, we’d have found her. The fellow that told us about Komotini probably knew something. He didn’t want to say but he knew something. Well, you know something? At first, I had taken you for an arsehole, too. You don’t say! I realised I was wrong. How did you realised that? I shouldn’t have done it but Games I secretly read your novel. Where did you find it? You stole it from my luggage, right? Did you like it? It’s a punch in the stomach. Kudos, fella. Bollocks! I often think of tearing it up and going back to boxing. These things you write Games have you imagined or lived them? If not, I wouldn’t have been able to describe them. You want to say Stella is like the heroines of your book? I don’t know Stella. I know very little about her.