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I disagree, she would totally go back, “I want to go to prom. Where is my dress?” So it was a once in a lifetime experience. I feel so, so lucky just to have been on set to be able to kind of feel game Yeah, I think you’re right, Jake, to feel that gift, because it did feel like a gift. Oh, man. RHAPAW coming right up. Yep. Here it is. Our introduction to Ben’s hideous, hideous car. They did a greatjob. The production design team did a greatjob making that car awful. Yeah, this is a fun scene to talk about, also, with we talked about earlier in terms of bringing their own stuff to the scene, because this joke at the end, these voices that they go into, this came entirely from them. We had watched a few noir films. We had movie nights when we were in rehearsal, so I’d shown them The Big Sleep. I wanted them to watch a few mysteries. So they all started going around and talking in detective voices. And then when it came time to do a joke for this scene, I think in the original draft of the script Scott and Mike had written a Princess Bride reference? And this would happen often. There are references that make sense to us, and the nice thing about ha kids that are actually a teen in your movie, like, they’re the age that these kids would be. So you can find out what references really work for them. And they were like, “I don’t game We don’t know about The Princess Bride. Sorry.” But they did do the voices. And then it was like, Justice tried to do the voice and that is what came out, an Italian accent. And it was so funny and so silly, we were like, “Let’s just put that in.” And so really, like, they generated thatjoke themselves and it feels alive for that reason. Yeah, and for some reason it makes sense that it does change things to change the voice. I remember when we were trying to show the studio the adjusted script, they were like, “There’s no joke here.” And I was like, “You’ll see the joke. “You’ll see the joke tomorrow when you see the footage.” Yeah. But I thought they did a greatjob making that scene work, to kind ofjustify skipping