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In fact, he’s already looking after quite a large menagerie for his boys already. White mice, canaries, a couple of rabbits and a snake. He can certainly cope with Delilah. Ale you a master? Yes. Sir, I shouldn’t have sat game Yes, you should. I was a new boy here myself once, a long time ago. I had a myna bird, I remember game game which I taught to say, “Brookfield forever.” They took that away from me, and they were quite right. Its sense of timing was peccable. Peccable, sir? Faulty. I should have said faulty, it’s a better word. Well, I’ll show you the way. It’s not very far. Would you take Delilah? I can see why you love her, she’s quite delightful. And better let me take these. Absolutely blind drunk, my dear fellow. It was most embarrassing. I mean, I’m known in Naples. and can you imagine? I was almost raped. Oh, man, you exaggerate so. No, I don’t. And I don’t flatter myself about the incident either. It was all rather a pity. Until that moment, I’d found her really, rather surprisingly civilized. Tiny little thing, very pretty hair. Why pick on me? An old stick in the mud. It’s a very accurate description of you. Don’t rub it in, Max. But then, musical-comedy actresses can’t be quite normal game game with all that dressing up and skipping around. But even so. Hello. Oh, why, hello. Medea at the Old Vic? No, I hadn’t forgotten. It’s just that it would be impossible to get tickets for this Friday. You’ve got them. Riverwalk, Chiswick. Yes, yes. I’ve got that down. Oh, yes. Oh, I’m sure I would enjoy meeting them very much. Looking forward to it enormously. And how nice to hear from you out of the blue. Goodbye. I suppose a telegram at the last minute saying I’m ill. But, um, you didn’t write the address down. What ? To send a telegram to, uh game Oh, I can’t. I’ve forgotten it. Riverwalk, Chiswick. Two? Two. Two. game Riverwalk, Chiswick. Oh, but could game ? Oh, but, darling, what, I ask you, but what’s going to happen to Chloe? I mean, it’s all too devastating for words to be left by Eloise game