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Where’s that water? You going, Roy? Where you going? Any place’d be healthier than here. Why don’t they come here and get us, eh? Figure that out for yourself. That Camberwell pal of yours is a nark. He knows about the ruins, don’t he? The dirty little rat. What are we going to do? Mimics Clarry What are we going to do? If we could find them crooks games Or maybe we ought to go to the police. Shove it down there, Dicky. Out of the way. Who you shoving? Take your fancy ideas somewhere else. Shouting and clamouring Clarry Hit him! Come on, Joe! Hit him, Joe! Dicky, you bring that bowl back, this minute. Go on, bash him, bash him! Blimey, look who’s here! Norman the nark! Norman Joe! Hey, fellers, turn it up! Joe! Norman! What’s up? I’ve got a clue. I’ve seen Wilkinson. You have? Yeah. My boss wanted the story early. Did you get it? Lap it up. No. Wilkinson says he posted it last night, he always puts it in the post on Sundays. Joe So what? We don’t ever get it before Tuesday. Are you sure of that, Norman? Course. Miss Davis opens it and I take it to the old man. Miss Davis. Does she open all letters? Yes, but she’s all right. Not so fast games It can’t be her. Is she good-Iooking? She’s a smasher. ‘Ere, come off it. What’s the idea? I swear games How do you reckon she works it? Supposing she puts the story in her pocket first thing Monday. She can take it home, muck it about and send it back by last post. I’ll bet ya that’s it! That dirty, double crossing games Now we’ve got to get some evidence. He’s off again. It’s our big chance, Alec. If we can find them crooks, we don’t have to worry. Where does this bird live, Norman? Hampstead way somewhere. I’ll try and find out. Might make her suspicious. We’ll trail her. Six o’clock tomorrow. Yeah. Biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard. Poor old Roy. He don’t finish work until seven. Coming on my bus, Miss Davis? Yes, Norman, I am tonight. Hurry along, hurry along, please! One more only. Oh no, you go, Norman. You’ve got further to go than me. What did you do that for?