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and then out of the game. I’m ashamed of this party! [reporter] Political pros say that to have any impact on the race for the White House, the Reform Party will have to shed its image as a circus. [man] We will not have mob rule in this party. [Barrett] Now, what Roger freely admitted to me, is that he had known since the Nixon days that Pat Buchanan had an illegitimate child. Nominating somebody for the president of the United States whose name will appear on the ballot in all states, who you are blackmailing at the same time so that he won’t really run. That’s not just a dirty trick. That’s a transformation of democracy. [Stone] The allegation that I spread the rumor that Pat Buchanan had an illegitimate child, this all comes from Wayne Barrett. Wayne Barrett is full of shit. It’s false. [Stanley] Pat Buchanan got less than half a percent of the vote. That was humiliating. Humiliating for him, for the Reform Party, and arguably it put the entire third party campaign effort back by decades. After the Reform Party cost the Republicans the White House in ‘, again in ‘… Yeah, I may have played some role in derailing them as a party. Roger Stone knows how to do the triple bank shot. The one that nobody else can do. And it ends up changing the face of a campaign. Changing the whole tenor of a debate. Shifting the entire paradigm. People today say that they like doing dirty tricks. They’re pikers compared to Roger. Roger has raised it to an absolute art form. [indistinct chatter] Sometimes you confuse me with the Stephen Colbert character that I sometimes play called Roger Stone. Don’t… don’t confuse him with the real Roger Stone. [man] What’s the difference? You’ll have to sort that out. [Steve Malzberg] Joining me now, Roger Stone, political consultant and strategist. And great to see you. There is a Hillary-Nixon connection that’s very historic and important. In , Hillary Clinton was fired from the House Nixon Impeachment Committee for leaking and lying. Now, she held this grudge for years. Hillary repeatedly blocking Nixon from meeting with Clinton. Finally, Clinton overrules her. Nixon and Clinton meet, and they hit it off. And Nixon met Hillary. I said, “Mr. President, what did you think?” He said, “She’s cold. Cold as ice.” [chuckles] [man] You’re doing a documentary? Yes, this gentleman’s doing a documentary. He’s one of those dangerous liberal, pinko, left-wing… I hate people like you. Homoual, New York Times commies, but he’s not a bad guy. I know who they are. Part of the reason we’ve always paid attention to Roger, is he just looks different from everyone else. You know, here we have a bodybuilding dandy. A category, as far as I’m concerned, of one. [announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, the Prince of Darkness, Roger J. Stone. I am no longer a Republican. I joined the Libertarian Party. [Toobin] I do think he is really alienated from the contemporary Republican Party. He is, I think, spiritually, and now politically, a libertarian. From the time that I was a Young Republican, I always had a libertarian streak.