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line has been expanding ever since. So, it proved that we can work with individuals on the outside. It’s not going to break LEGO. It’s actually creating energy. It’s creating kind of this hope, uh, that we can make more things. Adam is now working on a new venture to push the LEGO boundaries. Following up on what I did with the LEGO architecture, I wanted to create a roller coaster for LEGO. I’m always about pushing the lines. To make the roller coaster work, Adam designed two new elements in his workshop: a ball joint attached to a rail tie, and a hitch to mount the ball in. The fact that they do create new elements, um, gives me hope that, you know, these elements can also be created. Ten days later, Adam unveils his coaster prototype for Paal at BrickWorld. It’s so smooth. It’s amazing. Whee! So, that’s more of like um, a sci-fi kind of use. This one is a runaway coal mine. Yeah. Or silver mine. Yeah. This would not have been possible before. It might look like a roller coaster part, but hey, you can use it for anything you want. I think it’s amazing. I mean, I definitely think that, you know, kids, adults all over the world will want to play with this. Everyone. Thanks, buddy. In Tokyo, Japan, Kohei Nishlyama has helped open the doors to creativity from the LEGO community. He’s an expert in crowd creation and calls his project Cuusoo, which means “dream” or “wish.” Kohei worked with Paal to create a platform that brings LEGO users’ dreams to reality. PAAL: The idea for LEGO Cuusoo is that anyone in the world who has a LEGO idea can “wish” that LEGO will one day make this. The only thing you have to do is actually share it with the world on the Cuusoo platform, and through that, create a community of interest around your wish. Designs that gain support from , or more LEGO users go up for review with LEGO management. It’s quite an honor for a design to get released as an official LEGO set. The first idea that got , votes was LEGO Minecraft. Took hours. It broke our servers several times. I think it’s safe to say