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was when game This was actually, I told Nat to reference Woody Allen’s look from the end of Manhattan here. And that was all he needed. Yeah, that look is one of the best parts of the movie. But there’s so much in Nat’s performance that I really love. He’s just, he’s a really gifted actor and a really generous actor, like I think he just makes the people around him better. Well, he also, I think you know, he was attached to the movie when I came on, and I was just so thrilled when I went back and watched Palo Alto and his performance in it. I think that like obviously Paper Towns plays on archetypes, you know? So Q in the beginning certainly could fit one and we’ve seen that done in other movies. And I think, you know, for our movie to work, everyone has to break out of those archetypes by the end. And you can see in Nat Wolff, like he has so much energy that he’s actually limiting for so much of this movie, like it’s kind of wild energy that he could display in other roles, but to have that underneath the surface of someone trying to play a bit more of the quiet nerd who likes the girl? Like, to have that around the edges I thoughtjust made it so much more real. Yeah. I think that’s true for Cara as well. In her performance you sense that she is not merely the wild girl who exists to transform Nat from the beginning. That she’s notjust there for Q, that she has her own really intense stuff going on that he’s not seeing. She did game I thought she did a greatjob of that, of having a world, an interior world that Q can’t see, especially at the beginning of the movie. Yeah. No, I think that’s what you want from all your actors and from the whole movie. I mean movies actually are quite short, as you know. Like, when you adapt a novel, a lot of things have to come out simply because a movie doesn’t hold that much in terms of literal information. And so you’re looking for people to kind of suggest this world outside of their characters, and if the film can like game A world that exists outside of the frame, so you feel