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You can’t ask a boy out to tea game game without everyone asking the most extraordinary questions. Ursula, darling, you must see the bell tower. And here’s your guide. A bell towel? Oh, yes, of course, the bell towel. Oh, headmaster, darling. It’s been wonderful. You must come to one of my little parties sometime. Very informal. Just come as you are, whatever that is. Yes, I should be delighted. And bring your dear wife, if she is your dear wife. Bring her anyway, darling. Goodbye. Goodbye, all. I hope you like early English perpendicular. Darling, I level in early English perpendicular. You know. it’s the most extraordinary thing. All I did today was simply stand up game game to that dreadful bounder Sutterwick, and now he’s completely caved in. Completely. Has he, dear? But completely. He’s called off the governors’ meeting. Has he? Mm. Rather a triumph for me, on the whole. Yes. There’s a lesson in it all somewhere. I suppose. Yes. If only I knew what it was. Oh, God. You’re so beautiful. So are you. Don’t be absurd. Not being absurd. Being accurate. Will we love each other like this forever? And among the people Can you see any reason why not? There are two who’ll never be apart What a lot of happiness of heart is ours What a lot of flowers What a lot of lovely Pretty flowers Douglas. Sir. Duncan. Sir. Dunson. Sir. Edgeworth. Sir. That’s Dickinson-Brown. His fighter squadron’s based at Dover. He always shoots us up when he’s flying. Quiet, please. Elliot. Sir. Finch. Sir. Fisher. Sir. Forbes. Sir. Foster. Sir. e. Sir. Gibbs. Sir. Glanville. Sir. It’s Dickinson-Brown again. It’s disgraceful. He’ll scale the boys. I’m afraid they may have worse things to scare them soon. Do you think so, dear? I prefer to believe in Mr. Chamberlain and peace in our time. I wish I did. Really? Steven, how many times have I told you? I do beg your pardon. Come on, Kennedy, it’s the last of them. It’s a lovely flower. Thank you, dear. Oh, thank you, David. It’s a pleasure, Katherine. Mrs. Chipping, David. You know it’s the rule.