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chairs but it was an English model, so there was a couch here. But it was not practical. We thought it’s more user friendly, the table and chairs. It’s also more convenient. And it can be used outside also. Yes, if necessary. And to clean it, you put the chairs on the table, While the couch, it can’t be moved Games No, I like it like that. And this is Games The kitchen. Go ahead. There is a lot of storage space, It’s very convenient. And there. Drawers, small cabinets. Storage space under the sink. It’s not too high for you, this? You will use a small stool. No, it’s OK. Hot water. There is a water heater which is connected to a gas cylinder. There is also a gas bottle for the cooker. A small oven. Yes. The oven is cute. It’s nice. And in good condition. Is there a small market in the area, where they sell gas bottles? It’s outside the camping. You have to go out of the camping? Yes, but there’s m. only. Let’s go this way. The night area. Yes. After you. Will you come here, Titi? Otherwise I’ll do like this. You can open it. Can you hold it, Honey? This is the shower, actually. Shower, washbasin. Small storage space Games Yes, here as well. The heater. The mobile-home is from which year? It’s years old. We have it since Games years. But it’s years old. Because when I see this locker, here Games I can tell it’s years old. Yes, it’s true! And the window here Games We will change it. Yes, it’s nothing Games I will fix it. Here, the toilets. You can open. Every door open completely. OK. We are interested but it should be a little cheaper. It’s a bit expensive. What can you do? How far can you go? We are already below the price of the market. But you can make a small gesture Games For me, it’s worth euros. euros? Ah, no Games No, no. No, between and , it’s a difference of euros. It’s not possible for us. Yes, but on your ad, it says m. I just measured, it’s . the mobile-home didn’t shrink, It’s . We can measure it again if you want Games We agreed on euros. Plus we traveled by car. No, no,