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gonna hyperventilate, man. But I didn’t! Oh, Tom. Come on. Don’t be sad. You know what this is? This is the first, tiny green sprout of life fighting its way out of the gravel parking lot of your heart. So, congrats. SCOFFS That was beautiful. Thank you, hon. Hang on, one second. Hey, quick, man, just one last thing. Stay the away from my girl, okay, man? Or I will straight-up end you. Okay. All right. Okay? So, just back off. You got it? Yeah. Because I put a ring on that and you’re coming at it pretty hard with your dick. Okay. I’m ing with you, man. Cool, okay. No, of course. Lucy loves you, I love you. We’re brothers, now, all right? And, as such, I would like to Games This is a big one Games SIGHS Ask you to be my best man. STUTTERS Yeah, you got it. I’m ing with you, bro! Of course, you can’t be my best man. You are a stranger to me. Okay? Yeah. Just to recap Games Stay the away from my girl. I don’t want you to be my best man. We still love you, you’re family. You’ll definitely be invited to the wedding. Okay. But, probably not. So, don’t be offended. I’m glad we had this talk, man. DANCE MUSIC PLAYING Whoo! DAVID: Uh Games You trying to hide from me? Are you hiding from me? Hi. Huh? Hi. I didn’t see you, right over there. It’s a good hiding spot. Uh, listen. I’ve been thinking about you a lot Games Look, David, I’m sorry, I Games I can’t do this. You made it so clear to me that you didn’t want to, so Games That’s not why I came here at all. I just came here to apologize to you for being such an asshole. Oh. Yeah. BOTH CHUCKLE AWKWARDLY Well, you were right about Phoebe. Oh, good. Did you talk to her? Well, um, you know, I’m working on it. But are you okay? CHORTLES I’m working on it. Happy Birthday. DANCE MUSIC PLAYING See? I told you this would be fun. Although, I thought one of them was, like, gonna punch each other and that hasn’t happened yet. Robin, this isn’t a joke. This is my life. But you know what? I guess you wouldn’t actually understand that because you’ve never really cared about anybody