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a slave as she dressed like one. Damn it. Our fathers founded this kingdom and we just want to find their account, why is it so complicated? Anyway it happened so Games let’s drop it and go back to red-light district. lt’s just fine with us but what should king’s son-in-law do when his majesty has all his eyes on him? Damn it. l never wanted to be king’s son-in-law. What can you do? lt’s your destiny to have such powerful grand father and father. Speaking of which Games have you heard the rumor? What rumour? The rumor has widely spread that his father stole a courtesan’s cherry last night. Are you serious? l knew it. He pretends to be serious and show dignity Games But inside, he is all the same as other men! You know how l founded this country. Yes, your majesty. Your majesty. l now present you this sword because l want you to be my another self closer than the blood-ties. l need you more than anybody else for me and my crown prince. So now l close down the old military system from the previous dynasty and have it restructured as one great army controlling three services. Hold this sword for me by my side. And protect the crown price with it. This is my first request and royal command. And l now name Kim Min-jae, commander of the right army as the supreme commander of the new great army. l shall obey the command, your majesty. How could he do this to me? lt’s a serious demotion now that his majesty appointed me as the Minister of Culture and Education when l spent all my life in the battle field! Great. Good. This country would be put under the control of Lord Sambong and Commander Kim Min-jae! That is not quite right. Kim Min-jae is Games only Lord Sambong’s dog. What l would like to tell you is Games here’s no one who has given bigger contributions in founding this kingdom than your highness. But it makes me so upset to see others but yourself control the important state affairs. That’s right. You need to read the moves. Just like that! My lord! l like being like this. l mean it. But your highness Games