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l want to say somethin’ tonight. Of the many people that gave their lives in the Troubles, this night is dedicated to the members… of the Holy Family Boxing Club who’ve died. Now all these boys’ parents are in the hall tonight, so I’d like youse all to observe a minute’s silence. Joe Fitzsimons, featherweight. Died . Age, years. Brian Keogh, light heavyweight. Died . Age, years. John Maguire, featherweight. Died . Age, years. Tony Walsh, bantamweight. Died . Age, years. Harry McCormack, flyweight. Died . Age, years. Sammy Orr, lightweight. Died . Age, years. Sammy’s parents are Protestants from East Belfast, and this is their first night in the club… since the Troubles began years ago. And I’d like you all to welcome them back. Applause Did you know that was gonna happen ? No. Sentimental shite. Announcer Round one. Bell Dings, Cheering Man Danny ! Ike Balance now. Keep your balance now. Man Hit him ! Hit him ! Man Come on, Danny ! Cheering, Shouting Continues Ike Use your jab. Use the jab ! Try hittin’ him, Danny ! Shut up ! Woman Come on, lads ! Box ! Danny’s way off. Woman Come on, lads ! Box ! Danny’s way off. Move in, Danny ! Grunting Bell Dings I’m gonna in’ kill ya ! Whistling He’s showboatin’ ya ! Don’t let him do that ! He’s playin’ around with ya ! Bell Dings Boy Hit him ! Come on ! Flynn should get the Nobel Peace Prize for boxin’. Man Stay off the ropes ! That a boy, Danny ! Go on ! Grunts Crowd Gasps Woman Jesus Christ, Danny ! One, two, three, four, five, six, If he gets up, I’ll in’ kill him. Man Come on ! Get up ! seven, eight Box ! Break ! Break ! Bell Dings You’re not ready. Have you had enough, son ? I’ll tell you when l’ve had enough. Bell Dings Finish him. Man Danny ! Man Get him down, Danny ! Go on, Danny ! Woman Go on, Danny ! Get off the ropes ! Go on, Danny ! Groans Are you okay ? Can you continue ? Yes. Go on, Danny ! Get him ! Go on ! Man Come on ! He can’t put him down ! He in’ won’t bow down ! Hold him, Danny ! Man Come on, Danny ! Best Magic Globe 2, Best Magic Globe 2 Games, Play Best Magic Globe 2 Games