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ven though l’m not good as l heard that you are fond of poems Games lt’s a bit embarassing to tell you but l write myself. What do you write? lt’s just the small stories of our world. Please take a look sometimes. Yes, your highness. His lordship, King’s son-in-law is here. Guess she is my father’s Games Yes, sir. Let me greet you. My name is Gahee. What were you two talking? You seemed really close. Please take a look. Noble and humble are different species. But out in our world each has seperate noble deals. Let me leave. What do you think? lsn’t it great? Yes, it is. Very good, indeed. You need to lower yourself and keep the integrity! How could you bring the girl to your house? Did you forget that we’re King’s in-laws? Such an imprudent behaviour when you need to help the Crown Prince conquer the north! Did you forget what your life would be if l did not take you? No better than wildered animals’ living with barbarians. l made you my son-in-law even though l knew that you are born by a babarian woman. Do you think Jin could be king’s son-in-law if l didn’t take your offer? Are you threatening me to reveal Jin is not your real son? Are you trying to humiliate me using my daughter’s flaw? l would not have been on board for all this in the first place if l ever were to break the promise l made you. How could you be so rude to sneak in? Please leave. l never imagined that you would be my father’s concubine. l thought you were dead. l almost died Games but survived. To live and to die makes no difference to a low life like me. Why did you disappear so suddenly then? Do you know Games how desperately l was to look for you? Did you look for me? Sure. l’m so happy to have you nearby. Even though as a concubine, but l am your father’s woman now. Do you intend to commit immorality? Please leave. Lady, her highness wishes to see you. Are you done reading? How was it? lnteresting. The story of the lord in exile and the courteasan loving him Games lt is sad yet beautiful at the same time. Good to hear. Anything else