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The other four have become suspicious. They believe they may be double-crossed. Yeah. Well, what are you gonna do? Nobody trusts anybody anymore. Say, I don’t know where I heard it, but it was being breezed about- a figure like $ million? Does that sound realistic at all? Mr. Mitchell, when I discovered Mr. Porter’s briefcase was missing, we decided to invite you to become our Radio Dragon Number Five? Precisely. Oh, this is the most exciting- of course, I haven’t got a thing to wear. I’ll have to call my tailor right away. It’s only for one appearance. Oh, well, then, the hell with it. Oh, now, wait a minute. You mean, just by telling, well, whoever it is that’s gonna put up the $ million, that I’m a fire-breather number five, they’ll hand over the dough and we can split it between us? Exactly. Of course, I realize I mustn’t tell anybody. I’m sure you can handle the matter with discretion. You might almost call it a golden opportunity. Yes, mm-hmm. If I don’t wind up in a lead kimono. That’ll be up to you, Mr. Mitchell. Max? Oh, gee, I’d like to practice with you sometime. I’m not a professional like you. I have a BB gun. That’s an air rifle. It has a- Yeah, well, well, well. I’ll explain it later. Anyone arrived yet? No, sir. Well, I’ll say one thing. It’s the first time I’ve ever gone anyplace in “drag-gon.” You know, it’s not a laughing matter. You make one false move Radio Yeah, I know, and Max. Hi, Max. Not only Max. The whole club is a fortress tonight. When the five dragons meet, you’ll be covered from conceivable every angle. Ah. Four of the dragons have left their hotels. I’m damn sure they’re all meeting here tonight. Right, check with the patrols again. Very good, sir. Now, you’ll do exactly as I say. Yeah. Supposing for some unaccountable reason, I don’t quite make it? Then Ingrid won’t quite make it either. Not a sign. Any news? No, sir. They lost contact. Your key. Thanks. Now, don’t forget, word for word, move for move. Or never the twain shall meet. I’m damn sure there’s a secret entrance. Come on.