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and thick whool dresses in this weather. I bet Claude wants you to wear them. Yes. Pull up your dress. What a suspender belt! You’re dressed just like the Belle Époque! You’ve got the legs of a star. Are you well? Yes, very well. Is the water hot? Yes, it’s alright. Your bathtub is big. Yes. Enough for two. You can be familiar with me. Can I take my bath with you? Yes, of course. Do you take baths with Claude sometimes? No, never. Men don’t know what’s good. If you want to wash you hair I’ve got a terrific shampoo. It’s made of boar grease. It’s just for you, it’s called “ebony hair”. You should come see me when you’re alone in the afternoon. Do a quick bike ride. Or you can take the bus. I’ll show you how to fix dolls. I’m sure Claude never showed you. No. You’re a baby you know. Come into my arms. Here he is! I love you! I’m happy you’re here. I’ve waited and waited for you. You’re beautiful. You think so? Germaine told me to wear this dress. She told me you’d like it. Look what I brought for you. That’s nice. This one. They’re beautiful. This one is so big! Here. I’m happy that you’re back. So, what’s new here? I don’t know. I’ve just come back from the Courtin’s. Oh really. Did it go well over there? Yes, very well. Ida is very nice. I didn’t know you’ve knew her for so long. I didn’t tell you? No. And you, how did it go? Exhausting. Really? Yes. It’s a good thing you didn’t come. Chambéry is really boring. Germaine and I have made you a surprise. Guess! What is it? She made you a rabbit with mustard sauce, games and I made you a pie. All my favorites! Good evening Germaine. Good evening Mr. Claude. Did you have a nice trip? No, not really. Those were two tiring days. It’s freezing here. What’s going on? The boiler doesn’t work well. Charles asked Lepage to come fix it, he’ll be there tomorrow morning. Mr. Wadgep phoned too. What did he say? He said he had the part you had asked him. Very well. That’s good news. For you. What is it? Did you knit it? Yes. It’s beautiful. I’m very glad. Really? Yes. Thank you.