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It’s a date. All right. Underwater camera? Huh? Not really, son, no. You see, I lie a lot. Oh. Oh, no. What happened? Could- could- Hello? Could some- Come in. I mean, who is it? Well, who would have ever suspected a simple playboy being one of the Five Golden Dragons? What did you say? You are a Dragon, aren’t you? It’s not only dragging, I think it’s broken. Oh, no. I lit right on my- what- what- what are you Radio Look- oh, hello. Please forgive me. I don’t know what happened. I either bumped into a wall or tripped on something. Somebody tripped you. Who? Me. You? Why? What are you wearing this robe for? Robe? This is a darkroom. See? It even has its own red light. I was just opening my Radio Well, that’s the chance you take when you’ve got an underwater camera. Why do you put this act on? Act? You know exactly what I mean Radio Look- Dr. Mitchell. A graduate from Stanford doesn’t act the way you do. Listen to me, what are you afraid of? What are you running away from? Look, tell me. Please, I can help you. Could you find it in your heart to trust me? Maybe someday you’ll know. But it seemed so urgent down at the pool. I could see it in your eyes. I can’t. I can’t. You said that thrilling dinner date is still on. Maybe we can talk about it then. All right. We’ll talk about it then. 😕 :. And.. I didn’t hurt you anywhere, did I? You? No, of course not. It was the floor. Oh, boy, was it the floor. You don’t have a wheelchair on you, do you? What was in the note? Oh, come on. Don’t be silly. We know everything. We have the police station watched day and night, so you’d better tell the truth. Now, what was in this note? What was in this note? “Five Golden Dragons.” No, no, I mean that I love fish, but I- thank you very much- I think you really shouldn’t eat too much raw fish. Just an opinion. Oh, Mr. Mitchell? Look, we’ve known each other four hours. Call me Bob. Okay, Bob. Do you dance? Yes, I did, up until this afternoon. I had a little fall. Oh, did you? On my- on my back. Oh, do you want me to fix it for you?