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I see. Well, I didn’t get that far in the story. So, you and I are all alone, eh? That’s fine. You’ve taken a tip from me, eh? I have? Sure. I put a phony story in the “Trump” to catch you, didn’t I? Sent you to Ritchie’s, but you were too smart for me and now I’ve been too smart for you. Wise move of mine, getting you working here. See, Joe, after that business at Jago’s, I had to keep a special eye on you. Pick up them oranges. Mustn’t have the place looking untidy. We’re expecting visitors. Chuckles It’s going to be quite an occasion. Their first meeting with the big shot. What time are they invited for? They’ll be here any minute now. I stayed behind to open up. How were you to account for your presence? That was the idea of putting a password in the story. They’d wear me all right once I’d give that. Yes, of course, the password. I was forgetting. What made you pick on that particular word? Seemed like a good sort of signal. There’s one of our blokes, he can make a noise games What particular word? The password. Cor, blimey, I was forgetting. You didn’t get that far into the story. Oh! Let me go! Oh, you’re hurting me! You’ll not get it out of me. You didn’t know the password, did you? You brute, you! Hah! Laughs Continues to laugh Who are you? I’m the boss. Grunts Who are you? Seagull. Now that’s more like it. Young Smiler, eh? That’s right, mate. So he’s the boss of this place. Seems like it. I was sent to open up and he copped me. Tie him and gag him, Larry. Get on with the loading. I’ll keep watch. Any sign of danger and I’ll stroll by whistling “The Lambeth Walk”. Pass it on to the others. Phone rings Operation Seagull. Mimics seagull Seagull calls continue Operation Seagull. OK. It’s worked, come on! Bicycle bells tinkle Yeah, I’ve just got time. Come on fellers, it’s time! Come on, get going! Bicycle bells tinkle continuously She won’t take it, Larry. What’s that? Kids. Oh. American Indian war cry Come on! Shouting games and showery in the north of England and Scotland. Here’s a late item of news,