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It’s a black, x brick. You can buy these for three, four cents apiece. But this piece produced in white, the last time they made it was the mid ‘s. Just like a stock market would be, supply and demand. And you wanna go buy it, you’re gonna spend $ or $ for it. So what does the LEGO company make of all of this? We were kind of shocked. This is all based on what they want to do. It’s things they want to make. It’s events they want to organize. We hadn’t planned that. It’s out of our control. KIDS CHEERING Done! CHEERS AND APPLAUSE Two, one, start. There it is. I found it. No, no. That’s not it. No, it’s definitely it. A familiar face at many conventions is LEGO Designer Jamie Berard. Remember him? Jamie’s LEGO career started as an AFOL. I was just at a toy store, and I see all these adults in the LEGO aisle. And I’m thinking, this is a bit odd. ‘Cause I’m used to normally waiting until the kids leave and then I can come over and take a quick peek and pretend I’m shopping for someone. These guys are hanging out talking, and they’re showing off the sets, and they’re buying five copies of a set. And I’m like, I do that! What do you game Who are you guys? And they said, “Yeah, we have a club. Would you like to join?” And so it was actually this really cool moment where I game I didn’t even know it was there and then it kind of found me. Jamie’s life changed when Kjeld Kristiansen and other LEGO executives visited a convention and saw his work. All these LEGO people that I never imagined I’d ever meet were all in one place at one time, and saw all the stuff I was building and started having a conversation with me, asking curious questions like, “Have you ever thought of working overseas?” And then he hands me his business card and says, “I’d like to continue this conversation when I get back to Denmark.” And then game he did, and I got an internship, and then I got the job. I think it’s awesome when I go to the LEGO events because, in many ways, some things haven’t changed at all. I still have that curiosity. I just can’t wait