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No, no. No trouble. How would you like to sit down and have a drink with me? Uh-huh, on my chaise lounge. Oh. Think I’ll be able to find it? You can’t miss it. Well, wait a moment. What about your friend? Peterson? He misses quite a lot. Yeah. Sure hope he misses me. Well. Well, doggone it. You just can’t believe what a thrill this is for me. luau This would probably not even happen back in my hometown, Olathe, Kansas. Would you like to have that drink now? Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea. I am kind of thirsty. Just a small one, though. Tomato juice. You gonna have one with me? No, I don’t drink when I’m doing a show. Oh, that’s good. And would you mind if I slipped out of this thing? No. Oh, look, I’m probably in your way. Now, mister Radio Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell. Bob Mitchell, Olathe, Kansas. Do you mean you’re not interested? Yeah, I am, but, um- Don’t you want to help me? Mm-hmm. How do I- how- You unzip me. You know, this is amazing. It’s almost like mind-reading. I knew that we’d feel this way about each other long before fate and your song brought us together. Oh, I didn’t tell you. This fellow that I met, well, he talked as though he knew you real well. I can’t do his accent. He was one of those foreigners. But he said, “Now, Bob Mitchell, don’t you dare leave Hong Kong without going over to the Blue World and hearing Magda sing.” He was a strange fellow. I would say about ‘” or ‘”. And he had sort of real wild eyes. They got even wilder when he talked about you. Oh, and he smoked a lot. All the time. I bet he even smoked when he was asleep. And his name- oh, yeah. They called him Gert. Gert. Mm-hmm. I suppose that’s short for Gertrude, but he didn’t seem to mind. This fellow doesn’t happen to be anyone that Radio No. You know, we get all sorts of people here in the club. Yeah, I bet. Kooks. The world’s full of kooks. Oh! Oh, here’s something. He said that he was connected- I didn’t quite get whether it was a singing group or a combo. They may play bagpipes, for all I know. The Five Golden “Dragoons.”