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I destroyed what Ishida-kun created working so hard.” Do you mean what happened at the bridge? Actually, Ya-sho accepted a trivial guy like me. I learned what real friends are at that moment, for the first time. Ya-sho is my “big friend”, so I am totally at a loss until he wakes up again. “I want to fix up what I destroyed.” Oh Games It’s silly you tried to kill yourself even you were hurt! You speaking too loud, Kawai-san Games Nishimiya-san can’t hear unless we speak loudly! Everyone worried about you. Everyone has hard experiences in the life. Everyone has, don’t you think so? So, we have to go forward, loving ourselves, as a whole including weaknesses. I am relieved to know you are ok now. Then, you are visiting around to meet members at the bridge. You are strong Games Honestly, I’m scared. Even after Ishida-kun wakes up, I have no courage to see him again. I couldn’t change myself. I ran away again and failed to save you again. I’m still a coward. Yu bill jange brom now on, Zaara-zan Games Thank to come to meet me, Sho-chan. Hey, stop it! Nishimiya. I found you. Are you doing well? Somewhat Strange, isn’t it? I am thinking I’d die. Oh. Tuesday is almost over. Bye. Nishimiya. Ha! Nishimiya! What’s this? Hey mom! This.. Get rid of this! Nishimiya Nishimiya Nishimiya Nishimiya Nishimiya Yo! Ha. Pff! Ahahaha. Well.. Are you all right? Yes. I’m glad to know you are ok. Nishimiya. I’m ok now too Games more or less. Please stop to make such a serious face. And, let me say.. Nishimiya-san. I am sorry. I never really apologized for what I did in the past. In addition, what I did after we met again. So many things I did. Perhaps, I interpret you to suit my interest. Actually, I want to talk more with you. Perhaps that’s all. But my selfish behavior had hurt you, and forced you to choose the worst choice Noooo, Zat’z nod gorregd. Begauze I had nod jenged, ju falld. I ab dodally blamed. Everizing would go vell Ib I vend away.. I’b zorry.. Don’t cry, Nishimiya. Well, Nishimiya. Just before, I talked to you in my dreams. In the dream, Perhaps I had tried to give up many things in my life. But I realized it is not correct. I thought the same way as you. But, I realized, that it still wasn’t worth to death. I want to apologize to others, too. So, Nishimiya. I want you to help me live. Nishimiya. Wow! What a creepy things I just did! Oops! Sorry, but forget all, Nishimiya! Forget what I did now! Hey, customer! You arrived! Hey, Maria, are you watering flowers? You are great! You die? die? dieeeeeee? Maria, Sho-chan bring back to life. I’m not dead, Maria. Huh? Is she Ueno-san? She have attended and took care of you when you were asleep. Say thank you to her. I heard you took care of me. I’m really a no good one Games I still, or even more, unable to like Nishimiya-san. Huh, may be ok not to force to change myself Games And, It was Shimada and Hirose, who saved you when you fell into the river. They asked me not to tell it to you, but I wanted to tell. Ishida. Welcome back! Then I’ll go home. Thank you. Oh, it’s too short, isn’t it!?