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I’ll ever have a camera go through a wall. That was a mistake. That was a long afternoon, I remember. And then this, of course we shot on a completely different day, but I have to say the folks at this high school were amazing. Like the high school was having class while we were filming there and game Yeah. Like we would have to hide Nat game Yeah. game in the closet in between classes ’cause people wanted too many autographs. But the students were really cool and the teachers were great and, yeah, we’re so grateful to them for opening up this high school in Charlotte to us. And here they are, the Santas. In all their glory. Chris Spellman was the production designer in this movie and I think maybe like the very first thing we talked about was what are we going to do about these Santas? And I was like, do they even exist? How are we going to get all these Santas? He was like, “Don’t worry about it, man.” He did game ‘Cause the Santas, I was like, “What are you going to do?” I think they made a lot of these Santas. That’s the only thing I can think, but he never told me. Yeah, it’s so important to me that Santa was imagined complexly in this film, and I thought theyjust did an amazing job. I wanted him to spend the whole props budget on Santas and game I think they did. I think that happened. They pretty much did, yeah. We made all of the other props ourselves in the film ’cause we had no money left. And there’s Jaz Sinclair very, very briefly. Yup. We’ll get more of her later. It’s one of the nice things about the movie as opposed to the book that she got to come along. Yeah, I really, really like the decision to have Angela go on the road trip. And generally I think that Angela and Radar’s romance is a lot more interesting in the movie, and I really like it. And will be the subject of the sequel to Paper Towns. If we make Paper Towns , I think it should be the Angela and Radar story, absolutely. The college years. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, there she is. I love this moment game Oh, it’s a great little moment. It’s in the trailer.