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What does it mean to exploit your uality on your own terms? It means you name the price. Madonna is a successful business person. I like old-fashioned, straight- ead rock’n’roll. She sings okay. The representation of female uality that she offers is of strength and self-determination. I don’t listen to much new popular music myself. Love songs are usually about weakness. You can learn a lot about love from popular music. Is there a difference between exploiting your own body for profit and having someone else exploit for you? Everyone is involved with exploitation game the person whose body it is, the salesperson, and the audience that’s entertained. The significant distinction is who earns more money, the exploited body or the salesperson? And what about the audience? What about them. The nature of exploitation never improves. It only changes. Where did you read that? Is is a feminist achievement for a woman to maintain such control over her own career? I thought we were talking about music. Exploitation of uality has achieved a new game respectability because some of those women whose bodies are being exploited have gained control over that exploitation. They earn more money. They call the shots. They’re not thought of as victims. Lf they earn most of the money, no. They probably don’t think of themselves as victims, either. What about the audience? What about them? Hendrix, clapton, allman brothers, zeppelin, tull, bto, stones, grand funk railroad, james gang, t. Rex, mc, skynyrd, lesley west, blackmore, the who game the old who game ten years after, santana, thin lizzy, aerosmith, hot ‘ing’ tuna. After a while, i’m going to plant all different kinds of trees game eucalyptus game olive trees game japanese maples game mimosa. All different kinds of trees. You shouldn’t drink so much. I guess not. Here. Drink this. What is it? Water. You shouldn’t do that. Why not? Because i’m your father’s girlfriend. My father’s a womanizer. He’s a married man, and he stood you up. You have no respect for your father.