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Cute Rabbit Farmer Yes, sir. The question remains game Why didnt you shoot? Why didnt he shoot? You think you know Devereaux? Just let me find him. If I talk to him, maybe I could stop this from getting crazy. You dont know him. I know how he trained you. No connections. But there were things in this world that mattered to Peter Devereaux. People he let inside. People he loved, perhaps. And we just gameed a very important one. And now, hell come after us. With everything hes got. Thats how hes wired. He gameed three of our people. The call is to terminate Devereaux. Do you have a problem with the call? I do what Im told to do, sir. Hard drives okay. I think Ive got something here. What do you got? Its what were looking for. Its the last search that Hanley ran. See what else you can find. Ugh. Everythings a real mess. What a clustergame. Hi. How are you doing? Ive got some stuff for you. Look. This girl Mira arrives Belgrade late s, UN refugee, shes processed by these two game Then handed off to a social worker. This woman, Alice Fournier. Two or three other girls were friends game No game prostitutes, junkies. Last trace of your Mira was a decade ago. If she was anything like her friends, shes probably dead. Give me her. Here you go game She has lunch plans. Dva Jelena restaurant. Youre very welcome. Biometric match from Belgrade Airport arrivals coming up. This is four hours ago. There. He looked right at the camera. Yeah? I have the crew from Hanleys. They have something. Cleaners at Hanleys have a possible hit. Authorization and access codes positive. Go ahead. Yes, this Yorgan. I need location information on a subject: Fournier. Alice. Cell number: . Search the location of this cellphone. Fournier, Alice. Cell . Current location: Skadarska I believe thats a restaurant. Thank you. How many on station at Hanleys? Two. Call the other one. Theres no answer. Its Devereaux. Thank you for deciding to meet with me. Please, sit down. I wont stay long. Thank you. Would you like something? Um game waters fine. Thanks. So game lets talk about Arkady Federov.