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was, uh game Me and my brother had a big box filled with everything, um, just passed down from my parents. But it was more of the blocks rather than the sets. And any time we’d get a set, it would be like one of the small ones. And you’d always look at the big kits in the shops and be like, “Oh, I want that.” And as soon as I came into money, I was like, “What should I buy? House? Nah. Car? Nah. LEGO.” My album went gold in a week, and I wanted a way to celebrate. The first thing that I bought was the Death Star. The main thing that it does is it, it brings out a bit of your childhood. Which is important not to forget as well. You know, it’s good not to take life too seriously. TREY: Growing up, LEGOs was more like this to me. It was more, you know, the bin of chaos. I was like, “Oh, no, who would game Why would you get LEGOs to be told how to put them together?” Like, I always thought it was a very creative thing. And then I, I think I rediscovered LEGOs right around the second or third season of South Park. People would walk in while chaos was going on, and I’d just be putting together these things. And I think that having that instruction book that said, this one on top of that one. And this one on that one. It was just so therapeutic for me because the rest of my life was, think of something, think of something. You know, be creative, be creative, be creative. And I found it so insanely therapeutic. WHISTLE BLOWS CHEERS ANNOUNCER: game goes to the basket! I’ve actually been on the road to a lot of different games. And the fans are like, “Man, I love LEGOs just like you, man.” I have at least boxes that are waiting at home for me to start working on. The biggest piece that I have is actually the piece that was given to me by Ellen DeGeneres. We told our friends at LEGOs that you love LEGOs. Mm-hmm. So we got you something. CHEERING Wait a second. Did any of those guys look like kids to you? It seems like LEGO fans come in many forms. Let’s go meet some of these, um, well, I’m not sure what you call them. Let’s go find out.