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Cobb. No, she is not real. How do you know that? She is just a projection. Fischer. Fischer is real. Hello. Eames! Eames, get to the antechamber now! What happened? Mal killed Fischer. I couldn’t shoot her. There’s no use in reviving him. His mind’s already trapped down there. It’s all over. So that’s it, then? We failed? We’re done. I’m sorry. It’s not me that doesn’t get back to my family, is it? Shame. I wanted to know what was gonna happen in there. I swear we had this. Let’s set the charges. No, there’s still another way. We have to follow Fischer down there. Not enough time. No, but there will be enough time down there. And we will find him. Okay, as soon as Arthur’s music kicks in, just use the defibrillator to revive him. We can give him his own kick down below. Look, you get him in there. As soon as the music ends, you blow up the hospital… …and we all ride the kick back up the layers. It’s worth a shot, if Saito can hold the guards off while I set the charges. Saito will never make it, will he? Cobb, come on. We’ve gotta try this. Go for it. If you are not back before the kick, I am gone with or without you. She’s right. She’s right. Come on. Let’s go. Can I trust you to do what needs to happen here? Mal’s gonna be down there. I know where to find her. She’ll have Fischer. How do you know? Because she wants me to come after him. She wants me back down there with her. All right? This is your world? It was. And this is where she’ll be. Come on. Saito. Saito. I need you to take care of Fischer while I go set some charges, okay? No room for tourists on these jobs. Don’t be silly. You built all this? This is incredible. We built for years. Then we started in on the memories. This way. This was our neighborhood. Places from our past. That was our first apartment. Then we moved to that building right there. After Mal became pregnant, that became our home. You reconstructed all of this from memory? Like I told you, we had lots of time. What is that? That’s the house Mal grew up in. Well, will she be in there?