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Never mind about the job you’re going to get. What about the job you’ve got? It’s in Covent Garden. I was recommended by a detective inspector. I’ve got to carry ten baskets on me ‘ead. Well, it’s not what I’d call a real safe job, but some of these porters earn good money. Dad, you know about car numbers? I’ll have a word with Ted Williams. His son works in the market. Why ain’t there no cars with GZ? I didn’t know there wasn’t. It’s flowers he goes in for. Seasonal stuff. White carnations would go well with my new dance dress. Joe, try and get us a couple. White carnations. I’ve got more important things to worry about. Like joining the CID? Some people ain’t got the imagination. I done a bit of good for that detective inspector. Kept me eyes open and what with this crime wave, I wouldn’t be surprised games You’ve got a bit of sausage on your chin. Crashing Mimics bombs dropping and exploding Mimics machine-gun fire Continues to mimic firing weapons Joe! Seen any of the others yet? No, why? Roy Ellis ain’t half been spinning a yarn. I should worry. He says they fetched a cop along to you. Detective Inspector. Detective Inspector! Coo, what happened? Nothing much, ‘cept he gave me a job. Mimics bomb blasts and gunfire Crashing sounds and children playing Wotcher, Dicky. Look who’s walked in. Coughing Roy Found them bodies yet, Joe? Loud chattering # Tune of “Ten Green Bottles” # Three dead corpses rotting in a box # You should have your brains tested. Boys # games rotting in a box # And if one dead corpse should accidentally rot # There’ll be two dead corpses rotting in a box # Two dead corpses rotting in a box # Two dead corpses rotting in a box games # Roy Never mind. I bet you gave them cops the best laugh they’ve had for years! I’ve got two more sets complete, Joe. Roy Don’t talk to him about car numbers. I’ve got all the Xs and Gs. You ain’t got GZ, Arthur, I know that. I have. You can’t have, there ain’t one. Let’s see it. Where? There. GZ . I got it this morning. GZ ! Boy mimics cockerel crowing You give it back!