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team does rally, but fatigue starts to play its part. And for all their effort, nothing quite comes off. At the end of the second quarter, the score is U.S.A. , North Korea , a win for the D.P.R.K. And an indication that, just maybe, the professionals have underestimated their opponents. Uh Games We trained them. We taught them to beat us. The competition was good. They played extremely hard Games physical, very physical. They played extremely hard. Which is really good. Which is good. Yeah, no doubt. They beat us in two quarters. We had two more quarters to go, but we split. We was down by points. But they could play a little bit. I think it took it for granted that playing these guys, but they could shoot. They’re in great shape. They run the floor well. I have to give those guys credit, because they played extremely hard. They were very focused and they knew what to do to be effective against us. It’s interesting because they had a strategy to play against us, you know, older NBA players, and they used that European drive-and-kick, shorter, faster guys. So the game was much more competitive and much more interesting than I thought it would be. As Dennis planned, the teams change up for the second half, and it just happens that with the two nationalities mixed together, the crowd sees some of the best action of the night Games With Dennis and Kim Jong-Un watching on. It’s still a strange sight Games the leader of the world’s most controlled state and America’s most out-of-control celebrity laughing and joking like a couple of old college buddies. As the game reaches a close, it’s hard to say what long-term effect it may or may not have. But the interaction between the North Korean and U.S. players feels like an unerringly positive thing, with millions of North Koreans watching their kin standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the old enemy on their TV screens. After the game, The Marshal meets his players. As we know, he’s a big basketball fan, after all. In the dressing room, there’s a sense of euphoria and