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Q, again, failing to listen to her, failing to understand what’s going on because he’s so focused on what he thinks here. Yeah, I was really grateful to them for allowing me to do that. ‘Cause every now and then, a lot of the times the actors game A lot of our actors in this film are pretty method, and they’d be like, “That doesn’t make sense that I would do that.” And I tried to listen to that and honor it, and I was like, “Would it make any sense for you, “she’s kind of walking and you can end up in the middle of the street here?” And they’re like, “Yeah, we could do that.” And I was like, “Thank you.” It doesn’t really make any sense, but like John said, it really works on a lot of levels. So, yeah. And that hug from Cara is one of my favorite things in the film. Yeah, that took a while to get that. I mean not, more in rehearsals, but to figure out like what was kind of, you know, it’s not like a sweet hug of goodbye, but almost like she’s thinking about where she’s going and all of a sudden Q’s game I think that Margo kind of, can only really focus on what’s in front of her, and is thinking about a bunch of other things. And then all of a sudden realizes she’s losing Q in this moment, and hadn’t really even thought about that till that moment in the night. And then itjust kind of comes out of nowhere. Yeah, it’s really powerful. And then Cara is very good at climbing and jumping into windows. She killed it here. That’s a fake tree. I know. That’s a tree we built just so that there’s rigs on top of it. She was very excited about doing that stunt herself, so. Yeah, it’s not a heavily-stunted movie, but what stunts there were, were mostly done by our hardworking and dedicated cast. That’s true. I love this thing Nat does here. Yeah. Nat is a great physical actor. I also love the way that when he walks as Q, he only moves one arm. I didn’t notice that. And you’ll notice that he keeps his hands tucked into his sleeves a lot in the movie, and he loved this sweater and he wanted it for as many scenes as he could have