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searching! It is not a matter of time or money, Even though I think you could put your energy somewhere else. But that’s not the point. For me, morally, that’s it. I got hurt, I’ve paid enough, it’s OK. I lost a job. With Perrin, I’m telling you, I’m done. Let me finish. To start a procedure is as if I was going to live it all again. I’m not afraid. I was there during the fighting. Nobody said that Games Answer me. I was there, right? But of course you were there Games Why did you come? It is because, precisely Games Listen. honestly, guys, I’m telling you. What we need. Tomorrow, we gather Games Tomorrow or another day, I don’t know, we’ll see, We will gather guys. If they come. Stop being negative. Respect the struggle there. Sorry, I’ll say otherwise. I won’t let guys down. I want to help people. I want to do what we said we would do. we said we would go after them and we would make them pay. That’s all I want. Period. Me, I didn’t change my mind. That’s all. Don’t tell me that Games Each one choses what he wants to do. Me, for my sanity, I prefer to draw a line, move on to something else. Can you hear it? Am I a coward because of that? Hello. Hello. Sorry. No problem. Mr Games Tougourdy, right? Yes. OK. First, I wanted to thank you for accepting to make this interview on Skype. You’re welcome. Listen, we are looking for machine tool programmers. I had your resume through the employment agency, On which machines did you work? I worked on Cornwell at the beginning, And then, Kieran. And the version of the IMH, was it the or ? It was the . We worked on the until the closure of the plant, so I couldn’t work on the . And you didn’t want to have information Games about the , while Games Ah, yes of course! I did, but the Games Well, I know there are differences Games It is an integrated system which works on Profibus and Games But it is difficult to access technical documents When you are not on the machines. And I worked only on . But I think I could adapt very easily. OK. There is still an