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Do you always get what you want? Usually. Really? Everything? Well, not always. Life gets easier when you realize you can’t have everything. You can’t? No. What can you have? I think you can have what you want or what you need, but you can’t have both game usually. Unless you’re very lucky. Or very smart. I guess i’m not very lucky or smart. Everything’s different now. Other men have loved me, you know. I figured as much. And i’ve loved them, too. It’s only natural. And all of those men have gone out of my life. What do you think that is? Because they weren’t me. And who are you? I’m the man who’s going to make you happy. That’s very romantic. Be good to her, and she’ll be good to you. Are you sure you’re not just trying to seduce me? It’s you who have seduced me. We’ll see. You okay? Ye . Where’s elina? She went to bed. She tell you anything? Plenty. Ye , like what? She’s dad’s girlfriend. Bull. It’s true. She loves him even though he stood her up and left her behind. Was he supposed to meet her? Ye . Here? Ye . That . What was that? What? Listen. Listen, dennis game i’m going to stay here with kate. You mean for good? Ye . What will you do? I’ll run this tree farm over here she wants to start. A nursery? Ye , a nursery. I’d be good at that. You’d give up crime? Crime isn’t a way of life for me. It’s a knowledge. It’s an intelligence about things that i’ve been able to capitalize on. But, ye , i’ll give it up. It’s just the breeze. I thought i heard footsteps. It’s nothing, i guess. Give me that. . What is that? Fertilizer. What happened? We thought we heard something. Ye . Me, too. It’s him. I know it’s him. Don’t panic. Me and dennis will stay up until daylight. Where’s elina? She’s asleep on the couch. No, she’s not. It’s him. It’s who? It’s jack. No, it’s dad. Whose dad? Our dad. What? Kate, what does tara mean? Tara? T-a-r-a. That’s the name of martin’s boat. Dennis, just let him go. No way, not after i’ve gotten this close. He must’ve know you’re here and didn’t want to see you. This isn’t about what he wants,