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a win win situation. You leave with the check. It’s not about this. I’m not begging for money. We sell our mobile-home Games It’s not begging, but it allows you to to move on to your future projects Games You know what we are going to do? We will stop right here. It’s a deal, If we can not discuss the price Games No, it’s not Games Wait, honey, two minutes. This is not “discussing the price”. At one point, there was a commitment. I can make an effort. But , no way. I proposed you . Let’s end this now. I don’t want to sell anymore, now. This is it. I propose now a specific situation. Imagine your hierarchical superior, you make him a suggestion, a proposal, and He actually doesn’t take it into account. How would you react? I react well. I would try to explain him why I think this way. I think I would insist a little bit. But in this situation, He doesn’t want your idea at all. How do you react? I would ask him to explain me why, to understand. Thank very you much, Mr. Tougourdy. Here, you had the opportunity to see the performance of Thierry. I guess you already have a first impression about the video. But let’s first use the grid I have given you and we will focus on these various points. The first is the General Behavior. What do you think of Thierry’s behavior? Not very dynamic, honestly. A little bit buried in his chair. Yes, indeed. Who else shares this opinion? I agree. I also think that the open shirt Games I don’t know which position you were applying to, but I think it’s a bit too much relax Games Indeed. Thierry, it’s true that you were slumped in that Chair. The General Behavior basically shows the image you give of yourself without the words. % of your image goes through your body position, And the idea is to show the recruiter that you want to be there, and to “open the door” to the job, If I may say so. I don’t know if you understand what I mean. This is something very important. What about his amiability? A little cold, I think. Remote. Not very smiling. Indeed, very well. If I can add something