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The Big Farmer’s Market It’s just me? Last but not least, my favorite game the Shawshank. Now, this one, this is a little intense game maybe too intense. Do we jump up and down while Shawshanking? No. How do you know? Right? No. Please. Look, again, if the situation calls for it, if everyone’s going to town, I recommend just little calf raises, balls of your feet. You don’t want to force it. You don’t want to be Shawshank in a room full of geckos. Got it? Okay. Let’s talk about prayer. The idea is to say these words as many times as is humanly possible within one prayer. Oh, and the word’s just: This is your saving grace. This the crutch word. Sprinkle this in anywhere. Other ingredients include metaphors, selfdegradation game very popular. Dramatic pauses. That’s nice. What is? I saw what he did there. What’d he do? And also, of course, old English. Got that one? And as long as you finish with an amen or an ahmen, you’re solid. Questions? And that’s how messed up everything is in Africa. Let’s pray. Father God, lord, Jesus Christ, God, father, we ask that you just break our sinful hearts and just game Just game Just help us. Please help us help you game Help Africa. Okay? Please? Okay. Now, when we’re done highlighting, we’re gonna dip it into the water to give it that distressed look. While these dry, let’s talk vernacular. Now, the first thing you need to know is that christians hate swear words but love swearing. If you want to swear like a Christian, you either spell out the word or make it into a letter. F that. Exactly. This’ll help you sound edgy while you’re preaching. All you have to do is preface it with something like, now, I know I might get in trouble for this, but game So here’s this guy, and he’s traveling around, persecuting christians. Now, I know I’m gonna get an email about this, but he’s being kind of an ahole. Am I right? He is. But this is the thing game and I’m gonna keep going back to this point game Granola bars. No. Fast food. It depends on how much you spend. What about pie? Now we’re talking desserts.