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Joe. Ya think so ? You had men in prison… who starved themselves to death for you, Joe. Ten of them. Now you have Danny Boy Flynn… wanderin’ around the place makin’ a mockery of everything you stood for, and you don’t even see it. But a child can see it, Joe. A wee innocent child can see the truth. What are you talkin’ about ? Why don’t you ask Liam why he burnt down the gym ? I just follow orders. He’s way out of control, Joe. Door Opens Man Hello, Maggie. Door Closes Maggie Hi. lt’s your da. All right. Joe. What’s wrong ? I don’t want to lose you. Sure you never will. You’ve got to be above reproach. Tell me Tell me you don’t love Danny Flynn. You’ve got to get rid of him. What are you talkin’ about ? We’ve done nothin’ wrong. That’s not the point. Everybody thinks you did. Well, to hell with them. To hell with ’em. Maggie, Liam burned down the gym. Liam ? Where is he ? Upstairs. Footsteps Approaching What the hell did you think you were doing ? I saw ya. I saw ya with him. You’re gonna run away with him, aren’t ya ? No. I’m gonna stay right here with you. I don’t want to see him ever again. Oh, Liam. Footsteps Approaching Liam ? Door Closes Leave him, Maggie. He’s suffered enough. He’s suffered enough ? Jesus. My marriage was over before Liam was even born. I’m the prisoner here. You and your politics have made sure of that. All l wanted was for you to have a good marriage. Scoffs Like you and my mother ? Yes. Do you know how much it cost her to smile… every time you walked through the front door ? She lived her whole bloody life worried to death. And for what ? Will ya look me in the eye and tell me for what ? I suppose she believed in me, Maggie. She thought the ground that you walked on was sacred. So did I. I’m not going to lose Danny. Then you’ll have to tell him to go. Why ? I can’t protect him, Maggie. You’ll have to get rid of him, or you’ll find him in a pool of blood. God help you. God help you, Father. Door Closes Knocking Maggie, come in. I have to talk to you, Danny. Want a cup of tea ? Best Twilight Sparkle Care 3