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Just tell me Games don’t you know any Stanisi [skyladiko performer] songs? I won’t ever live to see the ocean A soul of a fish in the flesh of a cat Every night I got out to drown myself Sometimes at the stars Games You’ve got a nice voice. You’ll make a career. Every start is difficult. Learn a couple of ‘kapsoura’ love songs Games a couple of tsifteteli tunes Games I’ll teach you some. What you need is to take the whole thing as a joke. Don’t be a sucker! What about ‘consommation’? Consommation! What’s the big deal? Sit at a table Games let them treat you to a drink Games speak some nonsense and the night’s gone! We clean up, a night! Go make that elsewhere, can you? I graduated from a theatre school. You know what they pay at the theatre? Peanuts Games Can you live on these crumbs? And at the end of day, who knows us in the provinces? We sing among strangers. Are they going to see us again? Can’t we change hotel? The boss sends all the artists of the club here. Because the hotel owner is our best patron. Every night he splashes out on us. That’s life, baby. Give and take! Have a shower now because they’re expecting you for rehearsal in the evening. In a few days Games On Monday Games You’ll be ready to go on the stage. I’m starting tonight. My secret love Oh, hidden love! I can’t believe you want to sing wearing this dress! This is for school parades. But you don’t have to worry. I’ll give you one. How I’d like to see my dream come true Living in the Orient, in the old times Having bondwomen in my harem Tasting my own Arabian Nights What drinks shall I buy our girls? A coke. An orange-juice. Don’t ask for milk, we haven’t milked the goat yet. Have some whisky to tone you up, girls! We can’t win the day with soft drinks, can we? Get the girls twon whiskeys! Right away, boss. Mrs. Maria! Mrs. Maria! Get away with that sissy! Bring us some pussy to get us high! bumpkins! Come on, babe. My secret love My hidden love What I’m feeling now I’ve never felt before My secret love Oh, my hidden love Monday Ever been in Xanthi?