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from the rest. The Lord Sieber wrote it. I read what he wrote about you. Brilliant report. I congratulate you. Thank you. They constantly threatened. With articles, invasions We had no longer meeting place for the “Circle”. The dances were past. At the same time changed the law the Netherlands and Denmark and began circulating magazines which was quite freely. The “Circle” lost many subscribers and we could not continue. We had no choice, but to close. The organization collapsed in late . Is there anything else we should do? No. Okay, I’m leaving. Rolfe, to thank you for everything. Fredi, beware. Goodbye to everyone. Hello. years. years lost in the air. Rolf, continues. In Germany, France, USA. And we need something new. Take care. Goodbye. Fredi Games Burn all directions. In thanks. Our Freddie said Rolf had He suffered a nervous breakdown and spent nights crying. He had to be hospitalized. We visited him there and we said farewell. The era of the “Circle” was gone forever. But the younger we did not want to give up, we wanted to go further. We gathered again and released a new magazine. We could not I used the name “cycle” again, so just got the number next year “Club ” without realize how important would be for years to come. With all the riots in Zurich this year, the police had to do other things. We realized that it was very busy to deal with us and we were able to regroup. Where are we going; Come on tell me. What do we do here? You will not open the door? Not on the stairs. Ernst, it coats the table? You finish? A little more to make tea. , Ernst continued his double life even when he came to drafting as the death of our mother. On his th birthday, in we received an invitation for an afternoon in a small theater. There he made the revelation. (Outing) It was time, he said, to celebrate with friends and relatives. It was a big surprise. We felt that we should be to say earlier, in the final Games We used both to hide, that the mere idea of ​​a pact cohabitation which we could do one day, it was like a dream.