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I’m scared of the dark. It’s too crowded and bright down there. I’m taking you a place where the two of us can be alone. A place to be alone? What are we doing there? We have to be alone if we’re doing something that we can only do when we’re alone. You’re so bad. You think I’m bad now, but you’re gonna love me later. This place Games Will do. Slow down, Kang. Let’s play a game. You’re a playful one. You’re still into hide and seek? Catch me, and I’ll do anything you want. Great. When I do catch you Games don’t go back on your word. Catch me first. You’d better hide. Here I come! Little darling? Where are you? I’m right here! Stop hiding. We’re both adults. Why so shy? You are gonna get it when I catch you. Believe me. I can smell your scent. Stop hiding, honey I know you’re there. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. Mr. Liu? Mr. Liu. Mr. Liu. What are you doing here? You’re up. Everyone is waiting for you. I’m coming. I’ll head down first. Please hurry. We’ll play again. Hurry, it’s time to shoot. Ms. Meng, Du Juan will walk forward, and Xiao Shan will call to you. Remember, this is your first encounter. The camera will follow you the entire time. A.D., let’s start. Get ready! “Songstress of the Night” Scene one, shot one, take one. Action! Please wait, miss. Pardon my impertinence. I heard you sing from afar. It was beautiful. If I may Games I would like to know your name. Du Juan. Such a lovely name. Graceful, yet subtle in its beauty. My name is Xiao Shan. I am a scholar. Miss, I would like to ask Games Excuse me. Cut! Kang Games Are you OK? Kang! What’s wrong? Get some water! What’s wrong? Are you OK? Kang! Kang! Where’s that water? The ghosts! It’s the ghosts! Kang! Liu Kang’s death was just an accident. Don’t be afraid. Finish this film. Once the shoot is over everything will be OK. I’m so sorry about what happened today. Some crew members resigned. But I’ll finish this film. I’m here tonight to ask you Games I’ll finish this film. Aren’t you afraid? Of course I am. How can I not be? But I have to face my fears,