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I’ll give you two examples on how to be relaxed. Sometimes I’m invited to do a cabaret. I’m very proud of it. And when I’m invited to do a cabaret, there are older, renowned colleagues, whom I’m a huge fan of myself. It’s a great honor to share a stage with them. But of course, it’s a different audience. You go out on stage, the audience isn’t as diverse as mine. Yannis is here, Fatih is here, Monika is here. No, you get on stage, the entire audience is years or older. Everyone, seriously. So much white hair you think you’re standing in a field of cotton. Really. I would… Yeah. And then… It’s good… But still, I’m proud to perform there. But a different generation means a different use of language, a different jargon. They don’t get everything. If you, you know… If you come from a different generation, you speak a little differently. But it’s good. I perform in a cabaret, they’re laughing, I’m proud. I think, “Cool, this is going down well.” I tell them about my childhood… But I’ve also had cabaret shows when I suddenly said something like “son of a ,” and the whole audience was startled.