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Big Horse Farm 2 Do not look at me. You know, he has no right? i said, Do not look at me! Keep an eye on these two. Right hand down to dive, left hand to rise. Keep an eye on me, and do exactly i do. The engine ready. Either going to work or not. electronic engines on. You will never need to use the gold. you know that. right. The shaft does not going to last. if we carry on, we all going to die. ing Shut up. Shut up Five knots! Midskibsror. up. up. Come on. Come on! How we’re up. meters. . is the engine holding? game . The engine holds sway. engine good. The battery good. th th Check everything. I want to know if the middle rack. lets us holding boss. th Hold it there. At meters. Hold in. you have long way to go. Lets get moving. Kipper to starboard. meters closing. Collision course. Set to full astern! Nødfart. Now. Where the that rock come from? Close the valve up! meters. are we Stoping? meters. are we Stoping? meters. Eight game . Five meters. We are stopped. Where the hell did they come from? i dont know. We are off course. Where the are we now? ohh shit. Are we in shallow water? We have to go back and around. How long will it take? Eight hours. Eight hours, we need to go up. What is it? canion. Can Baba get us through that? its meters wide. Or less. i want to go through it. Yes certainly, but we can not go through that. Yes we can. We go through. No. What do you say? No! what do you ing say? you are going to kill us all. The gold makes you crazy. You are not obeying my orders? What, Fraser? It is your gold. that is. Two hours away been a rich. Is not it worth the risk? Back to your posts. Go back to your ing posts. What happened? we are going up? Half a head. Two knots. Max ten feet to the starboard side, and there is free to port. Turn two degrees to the left. knots. We’re in. stedy. Just keep it stedy. Listen to me. It kills us. You know it. There must be nine to sail on, right? if We lose someone, we have to go up. Kill him. If we can not keep the engine running without him, so that saves you all the others. Reynolds, Fraser need more oil.