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Big Horse Farm Look at me. Norm We’I find a so ution. Oh yeah? Which one? Which one! I don’t know But no one’s taking anyone’s heart. WeII, in that case game Goddammit, Norm. Mr. Fumetti? Open up know you’re in there You don’t have to h de I just want to taIk to you. He’s not dead? What do do now? HeIp me. BeIieve me. you deserve a ot more Oh my goodness And that’s his. Yes. HoIy shit hope you know what you’re doing. I haven’t known for a ong t me. Where’s Norm? He’s gone Gone game Gone, gone? Gone, gone. I have a huge favour to ask Bon appetit. CIara? I’ve been watching you. You Iook ike you’re wondering where your boyfriend is. WeII, I’m here to teII you not to worry. He’s gone off to drive someone to the other side of the worId. But give him time. He’ I caII. Oh yeah, he aIso wanted me to te I you that he doesn’t mind oId names after aII. Thank you. D d Norm drop by? No. why? Because my car is parked out front. Windows open and everything. No, I haven’t seen him I’m sure he’d come see you, right? Definite y! WeII, he’II show up at some po nt. If he’s back. that must mean everything went weI Is th s a dreamcatcher? Here you go, handsome. Excuse me Do you know if anyone here s heading north? Is anyone here heading north? They are very good indeed. Were you taIk ng to me, sir? I was taIk ng to my w fe. That’s exactly why you’re a perfect fit for that king. Please, please, please go. Okay, done. I am saving your marriage. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. And Kapoor hits a Six! He has won the match. Patience, Yuvraj. Suraj Maan Singh won’t sell his palace so easily. We’ve been trying for three months. He refuses to meet. As your lawyer in this case, and in this deal game game my advice is that your trip to Mumbai is a waste of time. Take my advice, return to Sambhalpur. We’ll bring him to you. Thank you very much, Mr. Malhotra, for your advice. You’ve been making me wait for three months. But I feel there’s no point in waiting. It’s clear that our views game game on this case are completely different. Maybe our paths should be separate as well. Excuse me, Yuvraj. Ah, Karishma. Your seat’s been confirmed game game with King Suraj Maan Singh. Oh, wonderful. Thank you so much. Yuvraj, what are you doing? Mr. Malhotra, what are you still doing here? Don’t think, move ahead. Excuse me. Yes, mom. You couldn’t meet up with Suraj Maan Singh, could you?