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Big Horse Farmer 2 He won’t agree so easily. By the way, interesting news. Dr. Shetty has arranged game game a new Physiotherapist for your dad. Have you told dad? I haven’t told him yet. But he’s going to have to do it. Okay, I will be back by tomorrow. Okay, son. See you tomorrow. All the best. I apologize, your highness. Do it properly. I apologize, your highness. I’ll do it right now. Your highness. Ramsevak. Jaidev can’t handle the chores in here. From tomorrow he will clean the cars outside. Okay. Your highness! Hello, Shekhar. Had a good day? Well, I had it as good as others, I suppose. Yuvraj isn’t coming today. His plate game And Divya’s late again. If she isn’t here in three minutes game game you can remove her plate. Divya! Hair! Sorry, Mom. Hello, Dad. Hello, dear. Discipline is not a bad thing, Divya. Yuvraj Vikram Singh Rathore. Sir. I suppose it’s not a coincidence game game that you’re sitting here. No, sir. So you believe, that game game I will sell my year old ancestral palace game game in this minutes flight. That you’ll trap me here and get your deal. You’re stuck somewhere else, sir. Our offer is saving you. Look, sir. We don’t need to talk here game game if you confirm our meeting for next week. Excuse me, sir. Black coffee for him, with spoon sugar. And black tea without sugar for me. Sure, sir. By the way Shekhar, Dr. Shetty called. Your new physiotherapist, Dr. Chakravarty’s arriving day after. What’s the score, Ramsevak? ? ? I’ve no clue, your highness. I know, Shekhar, no one has stayed that long. Maybe she won’t either. But for once, if you just try game game then maybe we could game I never called game game or drove anyone away. And what’s the point in getting well? No one listens to me anyway. Coffee for me. What did you say her name was? Dr. Chakravarty. Dr. Mrinalini Chakravarty. She’s a sports physiotherapist. She works with the IPL teams. She’s from Delhi. I hope she’s from South Delhi. Lord, you know everything. No need to be formal with You. All I want is Mili to find a guy game game then I’ll setup