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Bugs Decoration Puzzle 3 On the auspicious day of Ekadasi, in Chandra mada srikara year(Telugu year) Game this engagement is fixed before the elders Game that late L.Venkat Rao’s only daughter Ms Sirichandra Game and M.Vasudeva Rao’s only son Mr. Udhay are agreed to be married Make the betrothal Don’t you have the sense to knock before you enter a girl’s room? Girls? Which girl is here? I’ll kill you Give me the lighter When did you start to smoke? Shut up, give me the lighter Good boys like us don’t have that bad habits You tell these stories to Reethu, but not to me Because Reethu didn’t like I’ve stopped smoking Is it? Very nice! You are Pawan Kalyan, and she is Bhoomika and your love story is Kushi I have told you many times to stop smoking But you stopped it when Reethu told you Don’t get jealous It gives a kick if we stop something for the girlfriends You too are like me You know how much time I pleaded you not to go to Chennai If Udhay hadn’t come there you would have gone I didn’t go because he came there What is your problem? Go man Yes, l am going to Kerala tomorrow For what? Airtel people are contesting music competition there My boss told me One band is looking for a lead guitarist If I prove myself there I’ll be settled in my life I’ll also come with you You? What for? I promised to uncle that until you get settled in life I’ll take care Today only your engagement got over If you come with me how will your Udhay feel? I’ll take him with me Will he come? He’ll definitely come, if he knows that l am going there Bring your Reethu too Oops! l won’t come Why me? I can’t leave my mom alone so many days I’ll get bored there Who will take care of the shop? I won’t mind, go if you want to He’ll definitely come He isn’t Chandu to come with you wherever you go, like a pet dog He is Udhay, he maintains his range I am going to Kerala Do you need some lift? You said you can’t come While you are going for your friend can’t I come for my fiancee? You said you can’t come I can’t be without you for so long Speed Game speed Speed of the wind Speed Game speed It is within us Speed Game