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Bunny Girls 4 And so, the day that Dr. Tiller was murdered there was just no other thoughts in my mind but to carry on the mission. I love it when people keep saying, Doc, when are you gonna do the shot? I already did do the shot. You did? I didn’t feel anything. So did you feel you got shot today? When are you gonna do the shot? You know, after Dr. Tiller was assassinated there was absolutely no question in the three doctors who worked for him, in any of our minds that we were gonna keep on doing his work. You know, Shelley and I decided we wanna do this together. It’s kind of like a package deal. And so we finally found a clinic in New Mexico in Albuquerque that wanted to add this service so we could go work there. And, since we both live in California, we alternate weeks flying there to work. If you want this, which way? if that’s out I like that, then I need to go and Right. Yeah. This means, like, go in and this means I’m in. So the way I met Dr. Tiller was I had started working as an abortion provider in California. and I had gone to a conference and he was there. And he said, The woman’s body is smarter than the doctors. So you know, I had come from a midwifery background, so when I heard that, I just piped up, Oh that’s midwifery. And he was a little startled, What? I said, Oh that’s midwifery. And within five minutes, he had offered me a job. That’s how we met. I really, really, really liked him. And I felt very close to him and I did consider him a friend. And I miss him a lot. And there’s so often times where I think, Oh God, I’d really like to call him and talk to him. Yeah, I miss him tremendously. Both of you, have a baby who’s really sick and both of you are facing babies that would really suffer a lot, and that’s why you’re here, really. So that’s what you have in common. And how far along are you? Well, I think like , , or . It’s because we’ve had one doctor say one thing and then another say another. Yeah, us too. I mean, did you all find out through sonogram? Yeah we did. We actually found out about a week and a half ago. Up until then, I mean, we thought everything was fine.