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She says she’s your aunt. She doesn’t look like your aunt. She looks like Barbara Stanwyck. She’s having a cup of tea with your number on the bag, Baker! Watch yourself! Hey- You looking for me? Hey, lady, say something, will ya? I’m sorry about last night. Where did you go? I waited for you. What happened? Got a ride with Fenton. What? He… he gave me a ride out to his house. You went to his house? You went home with the convict, or whoever that was? He’s a carpenter, Larry. My name’s not Larry. It’s John. John. He helped you get rid of me? No. No, he didn’t. Look, I don’t wanna keep you from your schoolwork. I dropped out of school, Patty! Or at least I tried to. God, are you always like this? Yeah. I’m always like this. Do you know anything about a pitcher named Bud Valentine? What’s that? It’s a picture. Melanie Carter. You took the Carters’ car. Whoa. This is… uh… Rune and Mary Carter’s car. This is their daughter. She killed herself last year. I don’t feel so good. Car’s haunted. Don’t say that. I’m just kidding. Think I’d better go home. No, I’m taking you someplace. I know, but I don’t think I wanna go anywhere right now. Too late. Come on, you can take me tomorrow. I won’t be here tomorrow. I got a game. Bud, this isn’t our car. Bud! Bud! Stop! Bud, why won’t you stop? What? I couldn’t breathe. I had to get out. I… I was just too scared and… I left him. In the car. I don’t know why I got out and not him. Larry? Yeah? Where the hell are they already? They’ll be here. Miss Vare? Ma’am, I would like to take you into Wayland. If you don’t mind. Officer Cane here can bring Mr Baker. He’s not involved in this. Well, it’s routine. It won’t take very long. Don’t worry. You don’t have to grab me. Wayland. Wayland. W-a-y-l-a-n-d. OK. Thanks. Mr Baker? Yes, sir. All right, I think we’re about done here. Good. If we need to get in touch with your son again, we’ll contact you. I appreciate your help, Lieutenant. Sonny. Hey, Patty. How are you? I’m good. Larry, this is my sister Ellen and my brother Tom. All right, Sonny.