Total Games:
Nice Farm Rush Super
Best Sweet Giraffe Care
Fast Beautiful Farmer
Faster Hungry Willy Likes Cookies
Farm Faster Horse
Cute Girl, Faster White Pony
Elena and Cute Pony Time
My Cute Pony Super Adventure
Fish Fun Best Adventure
Super Barbie Horse town
Animal Big Hospital Time
Horse Grooming Fast Adventure
Tiny Magic Cannon Adventure
Cool Rabbit Farmer Adventure
Best Beautiful horse rider
Cute Pet Playful Panda Adventure
Cat Room  Fast Plan
Sweet Princess With  Best Horse
Supwe Dream Pony
Cheese Master Sniper Time
Pop Star Horse Adventure
Faster Wolfminator Adventure
Sweet And Speed Sea Horse
Big Twilight Sparkle Care
FAst Handsome Horse
Cute Cat Care Adventure
Faster Fun Horse
Nice Pony & Me Adventure