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easy, easy, easy, easy. Hey, come have a look over here. I want to show you something. Come here. Come over here. It’s okay. That’s where we’re going, right? Focus on where we’re going. Look at me. Okay? Man, there were thousands. Now we’ve all seen superpods of dolphins. This was like that, except they were sharks, a magnitude larger than anything I’ve ever seen. And in the middle, there was one. Man, it was massive. You’re asking me to believe in something we ain’t never seen in our years on the ocean? Well, the ocean is adapting. Okay, okay, but isn’t it more realistic to say that the sharks were attracted to the destruction of the city, rather than being the cause of it? Now, we’ve seen disasters before where they’ve shown up, like capsizing at Sharna, right? Man, you want to know what happened, you gotta speak to Barrick. He pulled a survivor. Come on, kid. No. Do you know what this place is, kid? It’s Vestron Station. This is where they survived the great flood. It’s the safest place in the entire world. They got rockets here. Right, Doc? Rockets? We do, actually. Just one. It won’t help. What? Rockets won’t stop them when they come. When who comes? Sharks. Listen Games Bea. Bea. Hi. I’m Dr. Nichols. If you don’t want to get off this boat, you don’t have to. You can stay right here. No. What do you mean she can stay here? No, she can’t stay here. It’s all the same. As soon as you unload your cargo, you’re taking her to Salvation. I got another run to do. You do, and it’s to Salvation. We’re all going there. Last I checked, you’re on a contract with Oceanic. We give you fuel and supplies for your services. Yeah, but it’s limited to deep-sea recovery and salvage. Well, it would be a salvage of sorts. Salvation has agreed to supply us with some iridium casings for our electrical contacts, so I need to check the stability of the iridium. So we all gotta go? Yes. We need to powwow with D’Amato. They want to talk to you and your passenger. So whatever new trouble this is, we need to sort it out quickly.