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Freddy! This’ll teach you to never mess with me. Freddy, Freddy, Freddy! Freddy, Freddy, Freddy, Freddy game Freddy, Freddy! I’m finishing you this time. “Invite a friend over.” Feed the hungry also means inviting a friend to eat. Box and whacked him so hard. I’ll get it. Good day, Mrs. Busbee. I seem to have made a mistake. Would you wait there a moment? Yes. I said for you to invite a friend. He is my friend. There’s been no mistake. Please come in, Mr. Hashimoto. Thank you, Mrs. Busbee. Do you have hot dogs in Japan, Mr. Hashimoto? No, Mrs. Busbee. It’s been years since I’ve been in Japan. Seems like a lifetime ago. And do you still have relatives over there? All I have left of all my relatives is a photo of my two nephews. Takeshi and Koji. They probably live in my hometown still. Haven’t heard from them since game The war changed everything. Yes, it has. For everyone. And did they send you away to the camps? Pepper, that is not the kind of question you ask. No, no, Mrs. Busbee, it’s okay. It’s simple. I have the face of the enemy. Doesn’t matter if this is my home. Doesn’t matter if I love this land, this country game Mom, where’s that other set of keys? That lamebrain Teacup forgot game Maybe we should game Yes, I’ll help you clean up. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Sorry. London? London, what are you doing? Put that down right now. London, put it down right now. Please? London, think about your dad. Get out. London, think about what you’re doing. Please stop. Stop. Mrs. Busbee. Pepper. Get out now. Or I’ll shoot you where you stand. Get out! A Jap will not eat at my father’s table. This is all your fault! Dad had to go to war because you couldn’t! Listen to me. If I see you hanging out with that rat, I will smack you in front of everyone game Enough! You need to stop this nonsense. Stop what? Stop an eight-year-old boy from thinking that he can do something to help his dad? Tell me, London, what is so wrong with that? Nothing. Except for when the day comes to tell him the Japs killed his father. Stop saying your