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Caring Pony Time 2019I want to fight. The school’s taken. I have noone else left. Alright. Come, mate, you can come in handy. Stefan game Give me the gun. Playing a hero? Try it again and you’ll be sorry. Where are you heading, gentlemen? Paris, may I, madam. What’s your name? What business is it of yours? Was I asking you? Want me to pick up your boy? First day behind us! Hi, girls! Hi! They’re gorgeous with those uniforms on. Wonder what they look like with them off. Please, leave this. It’s army supplies. Rogal! This one or that one? This one. Stefan! You’re on guard duty! Watching the food. OK. We’ve got a piece for you. Miki! Show him. OK. Listen game It’s an accurate gun, it’s just that parts are worn out. We’ve got the city centre. But we failed to take the railway station and the bridges. The boys are still fighting. And the Russians? No idea. Goral, come! At least we’ve got the warehouse. That’s almost with no losses. Go get some sleep. Here. We’re running out of wine. Poor guy game Where was he from anyway? That was Cobra’s brother. No way. His brother? I’d break down. Why aren’t you singing? Why don’t you have a drink! I’ll go get something. I’ll go with you. Easy, I’ll go. No, you keep playing. Where to? Just look around. Bottles may be anywhere. Shall we? Thank you. Thanks. So where are we going? Why don’t we split up. I’ll go here, you go there. Gentlemen, could you watch the food for a while, please? No problem. Thank you. Now you deal five cards. Play! Why did the French erect the Eiffel tower? So the Germans could see the white flag. Gentlemen, have you seen the guy on duty here? When a guy’s gotta go, he’s gotta go. But we’re not going anywhere. Easy, when they start, we run. You want to be treated like a soldier? But, sir game Did you have a replacement on duty? Then why was nobody watching it? I thought you were grown up. Well? You want to play war? Like we’re pretenddying? Then let’s play! I’ll go wake up those in coffins! At ease! Stefan, attention! Your punishment game You had it too easy, so now you’ll wash dishes.