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the best builder is? My mom. I’m finishing up just the last few of the birch trees here behind the library. And, uh, it’s in the middle of Rivendell. And we’re really excited about finishing it, but we’re also a little bit surprised at how big it turned out to be. You never quite know when you’re working on one section at a time, until you put it all together. I just started building again a couple years ago when my son was getting interested in building. Let’s make it only two segments long. Why? Because we don’t want it to be too wide, ’cause it’s up next to rocks. I went from doing laundry one day to having over two and a half million hits on my Flickr pages. And it was pretty overwhelming. For two years in a row Alice’s work has received the coveted People’s Choice Award from convention goers. This year she’s built an enormous model of Rivendell, the mythic city from The Lord of the Rings. I think people are going to like it. I don’t think that there’s anything quite like it. One of my favorite things to do in a convention is to encourage the girls to build. LEGO has historically really been focused on boys. And they have admitted they have only been addressing half the population. They’re now taking it seriously. I think there’s a tremendous world of possibilities that has been untapped so far. There are lots of girls who come up and say, “Thank you for being a role model.” Raise the drawbridge! Load the “cattle-pults”! Release the hounds! Oh! Hi, guys. As you can see, people build all sorts of things out of LEGO bricks. The combinations people come up with, it’s almost infinite. Wait a minute, I wonder if it is infinite. Hey! There’s a guy in Denmark trying to figure that out. I’m going to talk about things that we know about the growth of the number of LEGO configurations. My name is Soren Eilers. I’m a professor of mathematics. It all started in LEGOLAND, actually. It was one of those rainy days in Danish summer, and I was there with my daughter. Soren saw a display dedicated to the original patent filed by Ole’s son,